PROUDLY SERVIn' up hand crafted sausage & chili

"You can fool a lot of things in life but you cannot fool your taste buds.  Cowboy Sausage puts a smile in every bite."  L. Cercone

"What are you waiting for? Shut up and eat!"  - Butch Francis

Award-Winning Adirondack Chili
Made only one way - spicy - but not so hot your eyes bleed.  A perfect blend of 20 ingredients including Cowboy Sausage, Ventana Pinot Noir, Carmel Valley Brewing Company Pale Ale, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, fresh garlic & name a few.  $8.50lb

After The Honeymoon is Over The Chili Is Still Hot
Bourbon, Central Coast red wine, beer, green chili, pineapple chunks, Chef Tony Bakers Double Smoked Bacon & some of that secret stuff.   $9.50 per 16oz

Because You Want Instant Gratification 
Some of the same ingredients in "After the Honeymoon Chili" with some more secret ingredients, Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate.  $9.50 per 16oz

Italian (Mild, Sweet, Hot) A well-balanced mixture of choice pork, fennel, Italian seasoning, red pepper flake, basil, garlic, salt & coarse black pepper.    Available in links, ropes or bulk for $8.50lb
Breakfast Sausage  Choice pork, ginger, nutmeg, sage, thyme & dusting of cayenne pepper.   $9.50lb
Kis the "G" Spot Italian sweet made with kurobuta pork, Sicilian wild organic fennel,  Ventana Grenache wine, 60% dark cacao chocolate.  $14.50lb
Kurobuta 1908 Sausage This sausage takes on the flavors of Florence, Italy using a 104-year old family recipe of kurobuta pork, hand picked wild organic fennel from Sicily, Italian spices, garlic, red pepper flake, kosher salt, black cracked pepper.  $14.50lb
Garlic-Me, Please  Superior pork, parmesan, Central Coast red wine, rare Chuck Wagon special seasonings, Gilroy Garlic    $14.50lb
Char - Dong - Yeaaaa    Superior pork blended with our hot sausage, special seasonings, bathed in Central Coast white wine, infused with butterscotch goodness.   $14.50lb
Choke - A - My - Swine    Superior pork, special seasonings, white wine, hand-cut Castroville artichokes hand folded into sausage.   $14.50lb
Reckless Love   Superior pork, hand picked Sicilian fennel, secret seasonings, infused with white truffle oil & Central Coast red wine.   $14.50lb
The Hooker   Superior pork, ginger, thyme, secret spices, infused with Chef Tony Baker's Double Smoked Bacon, bathed in bourbon.   $14.50lb