Cowboy Sausage & Chili products are made under the supervision of master artisan, Butch Francis.  Butch insists on using premium ingredients including choice cuts of meat like Kurobuta pork - the Kobe beef of pork.  Our hand-crafted sausage incorporates the finest ingredients including organic Sicilian fennel, dark chocolate & boutique wines to compliment and not overwhelm the flavorful, well-marbled natural pork.

A little about us.

Tuesday: 9am - 1pm

Barnyard Shopping Village

Friday: 10am-2pm

Monterey Peninsula College
Sunday: 10am-2pm
Carmel Valley

PROUDLY SERVIn' up hand crafted sausage & chili

"Consistent high quality, great taste and a wonderful proprietor who really cares for his product and his customers!"  - Thomas O.